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St.Petersburg guided tours

City tour
(3 hours, 90 €/45 € car/walk per group up to 4 persons)
Visit of the most famous city sites: Spit of the Vassilievsky island, Egyptian Sphinges, St Nicolas Marine Cathedral, St Isaac Square, Bronze Horseman, Palace Square, Saviour on the Spilt Blood, Aurora Cruiser, Smolny Resurrection Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect.

Peter and Paul Fortress & St Isaac's Cathedral
(3 hrs, 45 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~15 €/pp)
Visit of the early 18th century bastion fortress, the historical heart of the city, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the burial vault of the Russian emperors. Walk round the Neva embankment after witnessing the old tradition of the midday cannon shot. Visit of St Isaac's Cathedral, the life-work of August Monferrand that strikes by its dimensions, construction scale, and splendour of its decoration.

"By the traces of Dostoevsky's heroes "
(2 hrs, 30 € per group up to 6 persons)

Walk in the area that gave birth to the novel "Crime and Punishment". Its streets impasses, canal, and rented apartment houses still remember wanderings of the writer and his figures (Raskolnikov, old usurer, Sonia).

Socialistic illusions in architectural avant-garde
(2 hrs, 30 € per group up to 6 persons)
"Travel in time" to Leningrad of the 1920s, round the workers' district built up with experimental housing estates provided with services sector, with new types of public buildings, and sight enterprises that were conceived, according to the current innovative program, to reorganize all the living environment, traditional forms of way of life and of leisure according to the needs of the socialist era Man.

Nordic Art Nouveau
(2 hrs, 30 € per group up to 6 persons)
Walk around the "Petrograd side" built up in early 20th C by the edifices in the local variant of the leading world-wide style Art Nouveau : rented apartment houses, mansions, the mosque.

The Hermitage
(3 hrs, 45 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance ~11 €/pp)
Visit of the 5 historical edifices of the Hermitage, of the gala rooms of the Winter Palace (Gala Stairway, Throne Hall), and discovery of most famous works of art of the west-european collection (Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, El Greco, Rembrandt, Rubens, Impressionists and Post ; Matisse, Picasso).

The Yusupov Palace
(2 hrs, 30 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~13 €/pp)
Gala palace of the 5 generations of the Yusupov family, the Romanovs' rival in richness, art collectors and connoisseurs. Visit of the wax figures exhibition in the basement, the scene of the terrible assassination of Gregory Rasputin.

The Russian Museum
(2,5 hrs, 60 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~6 €/pp)
Accommodated in the former Grand Prince Michael's Palace, the Russian Museum displays the most remarkable achievements of Russian art, since the medieval icon painting up to the avant-garde of Chagall, Philonov, Malevich, and Kandinsky.

Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) + Pavlovsk by car
(6 hrs, 180 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~6 €/pp)
Guided tour of the Catherine Palace, once the Russian tsars' residence, with the recently recreated Amber Room, and of the regular French Park in Tsarskoe Selo (25 km from St Petersburg), and of the palace and park in Pavlovsk (7 km from Pushkin), Paul I's and his spouse Maria's residence.

by car (5 hrs, 150 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~23 €/pp)
en hydrofoyle (5 hrs, 75 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~23 €/pp + hydrofoyle ~20 €/pp)
The 18th C baroque ensemble combines the Great Palace, gala imperial summer residence, and the Lower Park, renowned for the diversity of original fountains: cascades, mechanical, decorated with sculptures, and tricky, connected by an intricate water-supply system.

Peterhof + Oranienbaum by car
(8 hrs, 180 € per group up to 6 persons + entrance: ~36 €/pp)
Remote at several km from the bustling Peterhof, Oranienbaum has hidden in a picturesque site on the Gulf of Finland. Named in honour of the mythic " orange ", the unique residence not touched by the Nazis during the WW II, it makes one discover the Catherine II's Chinese Palace in rococo style and a landscape park with curious garden constructions that used to amuse the 18th C high society.